Each tattoo is unique. And each person is different. But there are some commonalities with tattoo removal. The following three factors determine the success and speed of tattoo removal:

  • The Type of Laser used: Nano-second or Pico-second
  • The tattoo itself: ink type, age, and the application process
  • The body’s ability to clear the ink particles

Advanced Pico-second technology will blast apart the ink under your skin far more effectively than a Nano-second laser. Nano-second lasers can still be effective. However, on average, 3 times as many sessions are required as compared to tattoo removal with our PicoWay laser.

Tattoo color, type and depth of ink all affect the tattoo removal process. Dark inks, like black and blue, are far easier to remove than bright colors such as yellow and red because they absorb the energy of the laser much more effectively. Brighter colors tend the reflect some of the laser energy.

And lastly, the placement of the ink under the skin is an art in itself. Professional tattoo artist know to place the ink precisely between the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. If the ink was placed too deep, it will require more sessions to remove it.

Once the ink is broken up, the body’s detoxifying organs eliminate the ink particles from the body. The health of a person’s immune system will affect how quickly the ink fades. A healthy lifestyle which includes good hydration, avoidance of tobacco and alcohol, and exercise will assist the body to flush out the ink particles more effectively.

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