Important factors to consider before choosing a tattoo removal specialist include: their experience, the technology, and the pricing structure.


Ensure the clinic is staffed by medical professionals. Our team of experts specializes in advanced laser treatment protocols and trains other providers world-wide.


Choose a clinic that offers the latest technology for tattoo removal. Pico-second technology is the most advanced and safest technology currently available to remove tattoos. Fewer treatments are required. Risk of scarring or hypo-pigmentation are minimal.


Though individual treatments with a Nano-second laser are less expensive, more sessions are required – which increases total treatment cost. Individual Pico-second technology sessions are pricier but fewer treatments are needed.

Tattoo removal is typically charged on a square inch basis is and then multiplied by the number of treatments required. Nationally, prices range from $50 to $125 per square inch.

Treatments with our PicoWay laser cost more per square inch, but the savings are in the long run as fewer sessions are required to completely remove the tattoo. Treatment goals will be reached months earlier with our Pico-second technology.

Do the Math!

Treatment Comparison: Cost to treat a 3 Square Inch Tattoo

Pico-second Nano-second
Cost per Treatment $297 @ $99/Square Inch $177 @ $59/Square Inch
Number of Treatment 4 8
Total treatment Cost $1188 $1416

Tattoo Removal Consultations and Evaluations

Because every tattoo is different an initial face-to-face consultation is required before starting treatment. At that time we will be able to provide you with a treatment price and the number of sessions required. Our consultations are free. Call us today at 970-278-0900, Option 1 or complete the form on the right.

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