People change, tastes change, situations change. Nothing stays the same forever. For good or bad. And so it is with tattoos.

For many of our clients their tattoo has somehow changed. Not in a physical sense… may still be perfectly clear and visible. But it’s changed none-the-less. It may have changed their wardrobe as they no longer feel comfortable wearing fashions that are too revealing. Or it’s changed their livelihood, by placing limits on the jobs and positions they can attain.

For some, their military applications and appointments have been denied. And for others, it’s the constant reminder of a moment in time they’re ready to leave behind, and just MOVE ON.Others may just want to ‘clean the canvas’ so to speak before they get a new tattoo by their favorite tattoo artist.

Regardless of their reason or motivation, they rely on us to solve their tattoo problem. Let us help you make a fresh start! Fill out the form on the right or call us at 970-278-0900, Option 1 to schedule a Free consultation.

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