We use only the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology available……..the PicoWay Laser. It delivers amazingly quick, effective results, and with no harm to the surrounding skin.

PICO Technology is far superior to the older Q-switch NANO technology that is still used by many tattoo removal clinics.

Science has made a huge leap with picosecond technology. That means you benefit from the fastest, most effective laser on Planet Earth. In fact, our PicoWay Laser is 100 times faster than its now distant cousin, Q-switch NANO-technology. And better yet, it is amazingly affordable!

Our PicoWay laser can eliminate your tattoo in 6 sessions or less as opposed to the standard 12 – 15 sessions with NANO technology. About 70% of our clients get remarkable results with only 3-4 sessions.

Laser tattoo removal is a fusion of biology, chemistry and physics to remove once permanent ink from underneath the skin.

  1. Tattoo inks are made up of heavy metals whose molecules are too big for the body to naturally break down. Otherwise a tattoo would disappear just a few weeks after getting it.
  2. Laser tattoo removal blasts the ink particles with fast energy pulses that break up the ink into molecules small enough for the body to break down and to eliminate naturally.
  3. Over the following weeks the body’s lymphatic system will clear the ink particles, causing the tattoo to fade over time.
  4. For complete ink removal multiple sessions are required

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