To live is to change. We love some things as kids that we can’t stand as adults, and vice versa. We make decisions with 100% commitment one year that a few years later we come to regret. It happens to us all. Just take a look at some of the celebrities who have decided to remove their tattoos and you‘ll see a similar pattern:

  • Johnny Depp had to have his “Winona Forever” tattoo removed when his relationship with Winona Ryder came to an end.
  • Britney Spears decided her interest in Kabbalah wasn‘t as deep as she originally thought, so she had her Hebrew tattoo removed.
  • Rapper 50 Cent decided to pursue an acting career, so he chose to remove some of his ink, because it would mean less time in the make-up chair before each shoot.
  • Mark Wahlberg decided to have all his old tattoos removed and he took his oldest children with him so they could learn from his youthful mistakes.

What do all these stories have in common? People change. As we grow, we fall in and out love, our beliefs and opinions evolve, we move into new careers, and our values change. With those life changes our tattoos may lose their original deeper meaning.


People in the recruiting industry have a nickname for visible tattoos on the neck and forearms, they call them “job killers.” Many employers still don‘t look kindly on visible ink when it comes to hiring or promoting employees. A visible tattoo is one of the primary reasons employers deny promotions to employees.

For some jobs tattoos do not matter, but if you are looking to move into a more conservative, professional industry or to get promoted past lower management, having visible ink is a deal-breaker.


In many cases our clients want their current tattoos to be lightened so a different tattoo can be put in its place. Maybe the tattoo was poorly done the first time. Lightening dark colors and old ink allows tattoo artists to be more creative with the design of a cover-up tattoo. because they don’t actually have to worry about covering up certain parts of the skin.

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